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By Amy Dobson and Julia Coffey The ‘boner garage’ hashtag is the latest in a long line of youth cultural trends circulating on popular media to have attracted mainstream attention, and was the subject of an article this week by Nikki Gemmell in The Australian.

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Se cultiva desde la época incaica en altitudes comprendidas entre los 3800 a 4500 m.s.n.m. What is consistent across recent panics over (for example) cam girls (Dobson, 2008), SNS profile pics, sexting, and girls’ selfies is concern for the safety and psycho-social wellbeing of girls and how they image themselves, especially in relation to sexuality (see for eg, Ringrose et al, 2013; Thiel-Stern, 2014; Dobson, 2014; Hendry 2014).For women and girls, sexual objectification is still a large part of the message about what it means to be female and socialized as feminine.We do not mean to suggest in any essentialist way that no women enjoy sex work and scripts of heterosexuality based around the fetishization of power difference between masculinity and femininity (Dyer, 1997; see also Albury, 2002 for discussion of this).Rather, we mean to highlight that the character of the ‘happy-but-dumb stripper’ in this particular film is a particularly two-dimensional and sexist stereotype of a sex worker.La entrega de auxiliares auditivos se realiza con el objetivo de brindar apoyo de carácter social a las personas de todo el territorio mexiquense que tengan padecimientos de audición, sobre todo de escasos recursos.