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Pipe fishes and seadragons are also included in the Sygnathid family but will not be covered in this article. First and foremost, unlike most fishes they swim upright using only their dorsal and opercular (modified pectoral) fins for propulsion.They do not have a caudal fin, in its place they have a long muscular prehensile tail.

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Music lovers enjoy warm, tropical evenings and daylong music festivals on the lawn of the outdoor, waterfront ICE Amphitheater located inside Islamorada Founders Park, a 40-acre expanse that features an Olympic-sized pool, shallow water beach, water sports rentals, ball fields, fishing jetty, exercise opportunities, skate park and a dog park.

Coral Shores Performing Arts Center routinely delights audiences with first-class theater productions.

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Islamorada is, however, much more than sport fishing capital of the world.

Travelers on group tours through the Florida Keys — multi-generation families, reunions, seniors, foreign or special interest groups — can find unique experiences, soft adventure and quality.

They also lack any scales; instead their bone structure is modified into a series of plates that act as bony armor.

Another very obvious trait of the seahorse is it's horse-like head (giving it the name seahorse) with a bent neck and a long snout.

Hikers can meander along lush, tropical nature trails at Long Key State Park, and inside Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park view an old quarry dug by the late Henry Flagler's railroad workers.

Indian Key Historic State Park and Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park offer a glimpse into Florida's history dating back to the early 1800's.

Activity, fun and relaxation for the whole family includes hand-feeding hungry tarpon at the docks of Robbie's Marina, or catching a dolphin, sea lion and parrot show at one of Florida’s original marine mammal parks.