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Nice girls end up with the bad boys because you keep waiting. Do not let yourself believe that she is all yours already.Do not take forever to show up and sweep her off her feet. Learn about the dos and don’ts of first dates, understand the art of kissing and most importantly, focus on making it a lasting memory for her!

It wasn't just the idea that some of my classmates were having sex that bothered me or made me feel so different; what bothered me the most was that they were falling in love in the first place.

And maybe, I wondered, one I would never be a part of.

She is a lot lonelier than everyone else thinks she is.

A young lad, swimming through his early twenties, aided by the choicest expletives and filter coffee, explores the world of Tinder and online dating, in an attempt to meet people and open up the Pandora’s box that is the world of Indian online dating.

Looking back now as an adult, I know they weren't exactly I began to feel as though I was somehow standing on the outside, watching a documentary to a life I wasn't a part of.

Couples would walk hand-in-hand to class and leave love notes in lockers.

Sunitha Krishnan (born 1972) is an Indian social activist and chief functionary and co-founder of Prajwala, a non-governmental organization that rescues, rehabilitates and reintegrates sex-trafficked victims into society.

Krishnan works in the areas of anti-human trafficking and social policy.

How many countries have films which perpetuate the message that if a woman says no or runs away coyly from her romantic pursuer, then lots of persistence and a quick song and dance scene with suggestive moves is enough to win her around?

How many countries condone arranged marriages and treat women like property to be bought and sold?

is an adventurous, engrossing novel with paranormal and romantic elements.