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ITRANSLATE There are some words in Italian you simply don’t want to botch, whether it’s in spelling, meaning, or pronunciation. Free, available offline, with built in voice features…you are bound to impress yourself when using this app abroad. Getting around in Rome is a lot less intimidating when you’re a passenger.But what better way to uncover the city than like a local, where scootering is first class transportation for Romans.Whether you want to get away from a bad date, or feel like you’re in a seriously unsafe situation, there are plenty of safety apps on the market to help you date with proper precaution. This is one of the best apps on the market, and it’s free for both i OS and Android phones. Once downloaded, the app has you set up three personal contacts from your phone.

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IBM has set aside $100 million for Watson apps and has already invested in Fluid of San Francisco.Fluid is writing an app for outdoor clothing firm The North Face to advise hikers on the right gear for the conditions, based on product data, user reviews and expert websites.You can set these messages to arrive every 30 minutes, two hours, five hours or 12 hours.If you don’t respond within five minutes, Kitestring will alert your emergency contacts.If you could quiz Watson, IBM’s all-knowing supercomputer, from an app on your phone, what would you ask it?

That is the question facing app developers now that IBM has shrunk its cognitive computer from the bedroom-sized monster that won the TV quiz show Jeopardy!Once alerted, they will receive a Google map with your location, or if you’re on the move, they can track where you’re headed in real time. If it turns out to be a false alarm, you can enter a 4-digit code and the emergency call will be canceled.It’s a great way to be ready if you are walking alone or in a potentially volatile situation, and it keeps things discreet. Other features include GPS tracking, an audible panic alarm, and live video capture when an emergency call is made.As an online dating expert I hear arguments for both sides loud and clear, but a new study on Mobile's Impact on Dating and Relationships (commissioned by Christian Mingle and JDate) sheds some blue light onto singles' texting habits and preferences by dating stage and device.Pre-Meet Texts: Before meeting face-to-face with a match, women tell me that they'd prefer a guy to call, while gents cite calling as too forward.On 28 April, IBM unveiled the 25 best app ideas in response to the challenge it issued at February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.