And then my wife, we’re due in May and I’m having another boy.”Howard initially confirmed his wife’s pregnancy in January.“I have a son on the way; I have my baby right here,” he said during a New Year’s Eve celebration, according to E!


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Also, we never talked about taxes and who gets to claim him, wtf do I do, ask her or have a judge make a ruling?

This consists of visits every other weekend and hours on wednesdays during the school year, and 7 days on, 7 days off in the. Preparation, dos and donts, tactics, attourneys, anything you can pass on to me would be appreceated.

SHe has the dates but I want to surprise her for the location.

I told her all she has to do is pack her makeup and toothbrush and I'll take care of everything when we get there. She feels that I've been in a slump and I'm bringing her down with me. Truth is she has been voicing her concerns but I haven't been listening or I haven't been taking them seriously. She told me that she already knew and she said she was flattered because I was putting more attention into her. Well, we've agreed to take a trip next month and I'm planning it, my idea. She wants more help, she also wants to do some traveling. AND I decided to come clean about the pw hacker and other things. Currently, I have the "Polk County Standard" for fathers. I need advice from guys who know how to navigate these difficult waters. An attourney I spoke with said I needed to wait at least a year before I could attempt to improve my visitation/custody situation. She knows i am a great father but if it were her choice I would not get to him at all. The jest of her story: She feels like she has to do everything without help from me.