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Everyone, rich or poor, dresses in their best clothing; some are dressed in national costumes and attend to the midnight church service....In place of baskets, children set out their caps or bonnets, filled with straw, and were delighted to find colored, hard-cooked eggs nestled inside them in the morning.The guard's frequent comments regarding "taking arrows in the knee" may be a subtle reference to the fact that Greaves are not an armor type in Skyrim, unlike in previous games, where Greaves protected the shin and knees. Bending down on one knee to propose also infers "taking an arrow to the knee".

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Thus, the Alchemy shop The Mortar and Pestle and the "missing" alembic of Tolfdir are nods to the omission of apparatuses, the same way The Missing Pauldron of The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles referred to the omission of pauldrons after The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Furthermore, when using an Alchemy Lab, the only Alchemy tools used are the Alembic and Mortar and Pestle.

We have put up a program that calculates the date of all major Coptic holidays including the Orthodox Easter for any year after 1902 A. The Coptic Orthodox Church uses the Old Calendarist approach in determining the dates of Easter and the other Church Occasions that are dependent on the date of Easter.

If you are interested in studying more about the Coptic Calendar and the difference between this Calendar and the Western or New Calendars, follow this link to other relevant resources.

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