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In 1992, Murph ran into critic Diane English's hit sitcom about the brassy star reporter for a TV newsmagazine and her coworkers. C., Murphy is mouthy, driven, assured and frequently politically incorrect.

In 1992, Murph ran into criticism from Dan Quayle (and scored loads of free publicity) when the vice president slammed the working single mom's `alternative lifestyle.'Season 6, Episode 1September 20, 1993FYIers are unsettled when they get a new reporter (Scott Bakula), a hot-shot foreign correspondent.

“It really focuses a lot on community and people all supporting each other through the tough times in life that we sometimes find ourselves in,” says actor Wyatt Nash, who plays one of the shop patrons, and is a special part of The Bridge’s community.

But whilst not really original and very obvious because you know how things are going to play out once Susan and Josh learn the truth it is pleasant.

NEW YORK -- FYI, the Murphy Brown gang is celebrating their 25th anniversary.

You have a touch of the "Sleepless in Seattle" as we have Josh's daughters trying to set him up on a date and this combines with a bit of "You've Got Mail" as Josh and Susan are business rivals but don't know who each other is.

Whilst that may sound like it has just ripped off Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movies it hasn't because in reality it shares many elements with the romantic comedies of Doris Day especially the use of split screen.

Season 6, Episode 4October 11, 1993Miles forces the FYIers to attend a seminar on cultural sensitivity.

Season 6, Episode 5October 18, 1993Turning 30 isn't going to be a piece of cake for Corky.

Wyatt Nash: Ryan grew up in Franklin, TN, and is a big friend of The Bridge bookstore, and as he goes into college his freshman year he’s sort of trying to decide which path to take, whether he wants to play it safe, or if he wants to pursue his true passion, music.

In his freshman year, one of the first days, he meets a girl named Molly Allen, and kind of turns his life upside down a little bit.

So yes we have a movie which whilst some will see as being a little like "You've Got Mail" harks back to the Doris Day romantic comedies of the 60s.

But whilst there is nothing new or original to "A Kiss at Midnight" it has the most important factor and that is charm, yes that charm often borders on being overly sweet but if you want some sweet romance then that is what you get.

The beautiful story is set in a charming bookstore that serves as much more than a place to buy the latest best-seller.