Updating wood paneling

Did you think I was going to flake out on you again? The fireplace was a multi-colored brick, with a brass screen and orange oak mantel that matched the paneled wall and the kitchen cabinets. All of the leather furniture, except for the sofa, was moved out of the room and replaced with two pairs of upholstered chairs. The brass light fixture needed to be upgraded, as did the little table and chair set. The oak paneled wall was painted and covered in a pretty chenille fabric, then “framed” in a pewter colored grosgrain ribbon.

Will take a little extra time but the results are worth it.

I used wood filler and a sander on a cedar playground set I got for free, and turned it into something beautiful and usable once again. Will be easier to paint if you put a layer of Kilz on it first :).

Place masking tape along the area of the wall or area of the area of the furniture that you do not want to be painted.

If there is old paint on the surface of the wood panel, remove this layer with some paint stripper and a paint remover tool.

Wood paneling can looked dated and take away from the appearance of your home.

You don't need to remove it to improve its look and incorporate it into your decor. Wood filler, available near the paint at Walmart for about a container, is a good bet for the dips where the lines in the paneling are.Remember last week I told you that I had to remake the breakfast table…!? Then I whitewashed it, and didn’t love it but thought it was fine. The crack started at a knot, and went clear across the table. I’m actually glad, because I love how it turned out. But I’ll leave you with a few “quick view” before and after photos of various angles.And you’ll notice that I ended up making it square instead of round… If you’ve been following this room transformation, you know there are about a thousand DIY projects (that’s possibly a slight exaggeration) that went into this room. Just move your pointer on and off of the pictures below to see them change from the “before” view to the “after” view.Most of them can be found over on the DIY Projects page. I hope you enjoyed the tour of the finished family room!I had a lot of fun on this room, but I’m sooooo glad it’s finished. You will need a putty knife to smooth the surface and make it even with the rest of the panel.