Updating plumbing

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Advanced Plumbing, LLC offers you comprehensive plumbing services at a completely affordable rate.When you are having troubles with your plumbing, you want an experienced and efficient company that is courteous, professional and knows precisely what they are doing.We install and service only the best in bathroom fixtures and accessories. Learn More Your kitchen is one of the most important and valuable rooms in your home.... Whether you're doing a complete remodel, or just updating a couple of items, we can help! Recessing the vessel into the countertop will provide a greater degree of stability.

The larger the hole, the lower and more secure the sink will be.

For sinks with rounded bottoms, a mounting ring elevates the sink and helps with the stability and the seal around the drain.

Mounting rings often come with the sink, or can be purchased in a variety of finishes to match the faucet and drain.

Our plumbing technicians will arrive at your home or business ready to handle the problem.

They will determine the cause and in most cases give you a few options on the repair, and the cost, so you can choose the option that suits your needs.

Bottazzi Plumbing and Gas Fitting is a full-service plumbing, heating and gas piping company with over 25 years of experience in the trade.