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Charm City produced an amazing cake full of flavors that were yummy and tasty. Luckily Charm City had previously worked with our venue before and made the delivery a smooth process.

They are attentive to detail and made our dream cake.

She said: 'They came to us a couple of weeks ago, which is pretty last minute, and said "We have a photo that we would like to replicate."When her bakers tried to steer the client towards other ideas, Mac Isaac said the client gave specific instructions to replicate 'this exact cake', calling it 'perfect'.

Not only did the cake look beautiful, but it was also delicious as well!

Tiffany Mac Isaac, who owns the Buttercream Bakeshop in Washington DC, revealed a client gave her a photo of Obama's cake with the directive to create the 'exact' one for Trump's 'Salute to Our Troops' ball on Friday.

Duff Goldman, who created the nine-layer cake four years ago, posted two photos of the nearly identical cakes on Friday night and hinted his work had been 'plagiarized'.

I noticed a part on the box where you asked people to write to you about their stories and experiences and loving family moments. Maybe we’d win some kind of prize, or even better, some free cake.

But before I get to us baking the cake, I have to give you the back story. It was very, very windy here in New Hampshire and I was afraid it would actually blow the house down.It was Super Bowl weekend, and my husband, Joe, was in Las Vegas visiting his brother. I kept getting up to check on the kids, and around am the alarm in the house went off.I’ve never actually heard our alarm go off in the middle of the night, but when it does, it apparently shouts, “Intruder. Please exit the premises.” I sprang out of bed and ran down the stairs, my heart racing. I cheered and clapped and chatted and smiled and waved, all the while dreaming of the nap I was going to take as soon as I got home and put on Despicable Me 2 for the kids.And my straight, baby-fine hair was standing perfectly on end because I’d gone to bed with it wet. When I let him out, he did that wet-dog shake that dogs do when they get out of the lake or the pool or a bath. It was not water, and after that adorable shake, the was on the walls and the chairs and the kitchen cabinets. As in, he’ll mention it forty-two hundred thousand times in one afternoon.By the time I gave Wolfie a bath and took the crate apart and washed it down and cleaned the cabinets and barricaded him in the mudroom so he wouldn’t go all over the house, I never did get a nap. And if you think forty-two hundred thousand isn’t a real number, well, you’ve never met Jack. There was a drop in barometric pressure right there in my kitchen.I have had SO many of our wedding guests tell us how much they loved our cake!