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In 2015, the IRC conducted an assessment to better understand existing procedures and barriers to obtaining official documents in areas of northern Syria not controlled by the Government of Syria (Go S).The assessment highlighted the reasons why people struggle to register births and marriages in non-Go S areas, and how to address this situation.

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Welcome to the simplest online dating site to date, flirt, or just chat with Syria singles.The funny (read sad) part is that there is only 1 female minister.On top of that, there’s only one female minister and that the State Minister for Women’s Affairs is… Here’s the list of the (not so) new ministers: – Ghassan Hasbani (Deputy PM and Health Minister, Lebanese Forces) – Melhem Riachi (Information Minister, LF) – Pierre Bou Assi (Social Affairs Minister, LF) – Marwan Hamadeh (Education Minister, Progressive Socialist Party) – Ayman Shqeir (State Minister for Human Rights, PSP) – Talal Arslan (Minister of the Displaced, part of PSP’s share) – Ghazi Zoaiter (Agriculture Minister, AMAL Movement) – Ali Hassan Khalil (Finance Minister, AMAL Movement) – Michel Pharaon (State Minister for Planning Affairs) – Ali Qansou (State Minister for Parliament Affairs, Syrian Social Nationalist Party) – Mohammed Fneish (Sport and Youth Minister, Hizbullah) – Hussein al-Hajj Hassan (Industry Minister, Hizbullah) – Jean Oghassabian (State Minister for Women’s Affairs, al-Mustaqbal Movement) – Nouhad al-Mashnouq (Interior Minister, Mustaqbal) – Mohammed Kabbara (Labor Minister, Mustaqbal) – Jamal al-Jarrah (Telecommunications Minister, Mustaqbal) – Moein al-Merehbi (State Minister for Refugee Affairs, Mustaqbal) – Ghattas Khoury (Culture Minister, Mustaqbal) – Yaaqoub al-Sarraf (Defense Minister, loyal to President Michel Aoun) – Salim Jreissati (Justice Minister, loyal to President Michel Aoun) – Jebran Bassil (Foreign Minister, Free Patriotic Movement) – Pierre Raffoul (State Minister for Presidency Affairs, FPM) – Cesar Abi Khalil (Energy and Water Minister, FPM) – Nicolas Tueni (State Minister for Combating Corruption) – Tareq al-Khatib (Environment Minister) – Enaya Ezzeddine (State Minister for Administrative Development) – Youssef Finianos (Public Works and Transport Minister, Marada Movement) – Raed Khoury (Economy Minister) – Ouadis Kedenian (Tourism Minister) The Kataeb Party refused to take part in the cabinet after it was offered a state minister post, media reports said.Since the onset of the war in Syria the Turkish authorities emergency response system has mobilised substantial internal resources to provide assistance to Syrian people seeking refuge from the fighting.By January 2014, more than 570,000 Syrian people seeking refuge from the war had been registered in Turkey.This study was commissioned by Concern Worldwide (CWW) and conducted by Mavi Kalem Social Assistance & Charity Association in late 2013 in order to gain a better understanding of the situation facing non-camp Syrian population in Sanliurfa Province which is where CWW are currently based.