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Ambulances took the victims to hospitals around the city.One local hospital has reportedly declared a shortage of blood supplies.

This article will introduce you some of the more popular antique utensils as well as pricing information for specific categories. Quite a variety of cast iron molds were used for gems, rolls, corn sticks and other baked menu items. Arbuckle's was the first company to develop a process of pre-roasting coffee beans so the end user had only to grind the beans before brewing.The items included in this article represent utensils that would be common in the late 1800's (Victorian). 1 Large kitchen fork and 4 kitchen spoons, two sizes. The largest variety were tin and copper molds shaped like everything imaginable. Coffee beans were stocked in chuck wagons in quantities of 100 pounds or more and Arbuckle's shipping crates are very collectible and demand high prices.Multiple course meals were a fairly common occurrence and those meals were all prepared using wood or coal fired ranges and used only ice, when it was available, for refrigeration. In cases where the front plate is not embossed with the makers information a small brass tag may be attached.Victorian food preparation could be an elaborate process that used a variety of graters, molds, pots, pans and utensils but the actual finishing still came down to using basic heat and cold. Side mills in good condition can range in price from .00 to several hundred dollars. Parker - #802 – Floor Model …............................................................51.00 Coffee Mill – C.A true coin, as compared to a primitive money, must meet three criteria.

First, it must bear the mark of the issuing authority.The coinage of early China is not well understood, although things have improved signficantly in recent years.This site puts forward our observations and ideas that have evolved over time from many different sources, combining them with ideas put forward by other numismatists.Secondly, it must contain an intrinsic value bearing some relationship to the circulating value, and while that intrinsic value can be less than the circulating value if it falls too far below the item becomes a token rather than a coin.The third it must have an understood denomination so that it need not be weighed at every transaction, otherwise it is only a bullion item.These coins are believed to have been patterned after jade rings or, perhaps, a spinning wheel.