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curated by Iliana Fokianaki, Prouvost will be exhibiting a selection of works dating back to 2006.

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La Landes du Ouest was also a major centre for the 19th Century granite quarrying industry.

There are a number of well preserved features such as: The quarry, where the desalination plant is now situated, supplied high class pink granite, some of which was used in the construction of the Thames Embankment in London.

Coastal heathlands are one of the most distinctive and spectacular aspects of Jersey’s environment.

Developing largely on exposed cliff tops, heathland stretches for almost the entire length of the north and south-west coastline of the Island.

La DIR Sud-Ouest est l’une des onze Directions Interdépartementales des Routes (DIR), créées par le décret et l’arrêté interministériel, parus au Journal Officiel les 16 mars et afin de gérer le réseau routier national non concédé et assurer l’ingénierie des projets routiers.

Service déconcentré du Ministère de l’ Environnement, de l’Énergie et de la Mer, la DIR Sud-Ouest est placée sous l’autorité du préfet de la région Midi-Pyrénées, préfet de la Haute-Garonne, préfet coordonnateur des itinéraires routiers sud-ouest.

In her films and installations, Prouvost unhinges all the innate connections we usually make with language and image. She holds an MFA from Goldsmiths College, London (2010) and a BFA from Central St Martins, London (2002).

She chooses to put these connections under the microscope, examining and displaying the correlation of imagination and reality, the conscious and the unconscious, tapping on surrealist ideas of the image as vehicle.

Some of Jersey’s largest and most unspoilt stretches of land include heathland, which support a wide range of species of flora and fauna.

These special areas have developed over millennia and have been used as a source of: La Lande du Ouest, also known as Gorselands, is an integral part of the dry coastal heathland lying along the greater part of the south-west coast of Jersey that also includes Portelet and Noirmont.

La concentration est encore plus forte dans le sud de cette bande de terre.