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I will try to bring it in a chronological in 3 Main parts : Interlude Table one and variations in a closer look Table II and variations in a closer look So take a CLOSE LOOK at the stamps : ————————————————————————————— Interlude As interlude a general view of Pre 1902 in the first line and Post 1902 in 2nd line : Stamps and whistle 3 main whistle parts, The next Three charts deal with each of the parts separately . First PRE 1902 Table I Chart Ia, Ib I a Table Ib I c Example of more details 1887 No space between 131 and Barr St.

Hudson stamp in ARCHED LINE letters (Pre 1902 ) and in STRAIGHT LINE (POST 1902 ) II b Particular additional observetions 1908 II c There seems to be a flaw in alot of the 1908 whistles.

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Most advanced collectors are familiar with these and use to determine the date.

We learn that the address does NOT always correspond with date made , or serves as an always an accurate tool for knowing the exact year-date made. where actually made later at 244 Barr St and stamped with the older address . address stamped whistle with a military date of 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913 for example. Hudson stamps , General View Pre and Post Victorian Period .

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This is a work is certainly great news for whistle collectors about Dating the J. whistles in The 19th Cent and the early First quarter of the 20th Century.

| The article is based on CAREFUL OBSERVATION of STAMPS and DETAILS brings a new set of thumb rules when dating Hudson whistles.

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