Referencing detailsview controls after updating

NET AJAX server-side control called the Update Panel. NET, a web.config file will automatically be created that contains references to a Script handler as well as a Script Module module.

You’ll see how the Update Panel control can be used to allow portions of a page to be updated without requiring the entire page to be posted back to the server and reloaded in the browser. NET AJAX Update Panel control you need to install the ASP. NET AJAX Extensions rely upon special HTTP handlers and modules to handle and respond to asynchronous requests sent from a browser. The Script Resource handler dynamically loads Java Script files into pages that leverage AJAX features while Script Module manages HTTP module functionality that is related to request and response messages.

The similar steps are followed for integrating the Syncfusion controls into MVC 3, MVC 4 , MVC 5 & MVC6 applications, the only thing that makes it a little bit different is the reference assemblies version chosen for each of the target MVC application.

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The topics below provide comprehensive information on using Dev Express Win Forms products: a detailed description of the products API, examples with step-by-step instructions, screenshot images and source code (C# and Visual Basic) for using these products in real-world applications.The following event handler is executed when each Item of the Details View is created.This demo is a continuation of my previous example “Binding Grid View with Data”. When I do an update, and get to the Grid View1_Row Updating, there is no value passed to "ID", and then when I go to the next row for "Company" I get the following error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Text; bit when ichange it to string id =((Text Box) Grid View1. Line 136: Source Error: Line 134: string Um = ((Text Box)Grid View1. If you are not familiar of binding the Grid View the way then I would suggest looking at my previous example first before you proceed to this example. Parameter name: index Any idea what I need to do to fix this issue? Additional topics covered include: Let’s get started by discussing how to get the ASP. NET AJAX Extensions, available from on your development machine. If you’d like to upgrade an existing Website and add ASP.

The procedures that are followed in manual integration process is entirely automated, when we create an application using Syncfusion Project template.AJAX (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) is arguably one of the most hyped technology acronyms around.The primary advantage of using AJAX is that page refreshes can be minimized, allowing users to get the information they need quickly and easily through a more rich and functional interface.Ajax accomplishes this by using Java Script and an Xml Http object to send data asynchronously from the browser to the Web server and back.So, although AJAX has a lot of marketing-hype surrounding it, the benefits it offers can’t be denied. NET AJAX Extensions provide developers with a quick and simple way to add AJAX functionality into any ASP.If a user has selected values from option set dropdown fields and a control in the page causes a Post Back, re-databinding will clear the user selected value and load the values and select the default option according to the data and metadata in CRM.