Updating ram dell optiplex

LCD clarity: Navigate Windows 8.1 on a 49.5cm (19.5) LCD screen offering 1600 x 900 resolution and edge-to-edge glass for a vibrant view.

With the optional touch screen, you can navigate between applications and windows with a simple tap, pinch, scroll or swipe.

It has a database of over 26 million drivers and can identify Dell devices and almost any other manufacturer's hardware with very high accuracy.

Driver Assist performs an in-depth scan of your entire system and all devices attached to it and verifies that you have the latest and most compatible drivers installed.

If you are running PC3200, you can decide to replace it all with PC4200, or just add more PC3200 (the PC4200 in this case would slow to PC3200 speeds).

Recommended: For updating all Dell drivers, use Driver Assist.

Versatile fit, powerful performance: Essential features and reliable tools make this all-in-one a versatile fit for your office environment.

The Opti Plex 3030 All-in-one provides the perfect solution for information kiosks, check-in services, digital signage and collaboration tools.It determines which drivers are missing, corrupt or obsolete.After the initial scan, Driver Assist matches your device with the latest and most up to date version of your drivers by scanning its 26 million drivers database. The presence of any non-Dell or non-Dell tested products or components on your Dell computer may affect the efficacy of the suggestions we provide or may diminish the accuracy or usefulness of the suggestions provided. The suggestions made are based on the information provided by you and about the Dell and Dell-tested products and components installed on your Dell computer.Manage data-encryption centrally across devices without disrupting end users or existing IT processes with Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP | E).