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” This sexual freedom hasn’t just hurt Russia’s morals — it is crippling future generations.

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"I started working faster and soon more alerts on rescued girls started pouring in.I met girls in Kerala who had been staying at a government shelter for seven years waiting." Over the past two years Hossain has been on a mission to speed up the repatriation of Bangladeshi girls trafficked to India for the sex industry.The purity of Russia’s youth started going downhill two decades ago, according to the video.In 1996, Russian women started having sex around the age of 20. somehow sparked this trend in Russia, the clip claimed. They were better than you,” the video’s narrator barked."Lal had threatened to upload the video clip on the internet if I refused to compromise.

He was frequently asking me to come to his place for sex and whenever I met him, I pleaded with him to delete the clips." SHE WAS FED FOOD LACED WITH SEDATIVESSome six months ago, Lal apparently agreed to delete the clip following repeated requests.Payal was rescued "9 months and 11 days ago" and put up at a shelter in Pune. About the same time, about 1,500 km away in New Delhi, Mosharaf Hossain, head of the consular section of the Bangladesh High Commission, was clearing travel permits for a rising number of rescued trafficking victims stranded in India."I found girls and also boys from Bangladesh who were suffering a lot, waiting for long (times) to return home, because of our slow investigation," Hossain, who joined the High Commission in March 2015, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.“It's a scientific fact that a woman who sleeps with many guys is a dumpster holding all the genes of all her men,” the 2011 video declared, according to online Russian newspaper Meduza.The Daily News could not immediately confirm the video's origin.Pune, INDIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On an overcast evening, on a boat criss-crossing a river on the Bangladesh-India border, Payal, 16, hid under a fishing net hoping to reach India where her agent said a dance tutor's job awaited her.