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Dating Website Guarantees Your Protection Be2 operates with the same sentiments as the users.

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Be2 has become the world’s leading online dating services created to unite soul mates for fulfilling long-term relationships.

Be2’s cutting edge matching methodology is created by a group of experienced psychologists, sociologists, and statisticians.

After about 2 months of emails trying to get me sign up I eventually accepted the offer of 1 months trial for £5. They take money out of your account and and no service provided.

After trying to cancel before "an unknown deadline at the time" I was unable to navigate to areas of their website to complete a cancellation. I tried the 1 month trial and they suddenly debited my account for a large amount of money. I was once join be2 Australia and non active for many years and suddenly this year be2 Sarl Lux took 4.00 off my credit card. Yet apparently it is hard as crap for me to cancel my membership. so-called links to premium cancellation give you circular run-around.

Obviously this site is set up in such a way that you cannot do this and ultimately are too late to cancel therefore giving them the right to charge you for 6 months of their product at £149.94 that you do not want. They say it's for free..they lie and then steal money out of your account... I never met someone on this site only messages that this guy suite my profile. this lot is slick conniving insidious scammers of note and are obviously raking in the bucks from all over the world. I then get two threatening emails and then nothing since.

I have been in touch with my bank and pleaded with them not to honour this payment, but to no avail. But nothing happened even if you tried to sent a message to them. practical steps are now needed to expose them and prosecute them. this is urgent, since south african currency is way below par of anything else, means it is costing me a veritable fortune to carry on enriching these parasites! BE2 suspended my account and said they have passed it over to debt collectors.

We provide the English terms, depending on your language/country, you can translate these yourself: click 'My Profile', 'Settings', at 'Profile Status' click 'Edit/Change', then 'Delete profile'.

Publicly visible text/images often aren't properly deleted even when you succeed in deleting an account.

Promotes self-check Some members of online dating sites quickly go on dates and endlessly make phone conversations.

It is more practical and advisable to take things unhurriedly and spend quality time getting to know the other person very well first.

I now have to wait 15 days while my bank tries to get my money back. This people pretend to get you interested but they are THIEFS. in the meantime is there any real way i can stop payment "due to them" [NOT!