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I also know dishonesty when I see it and if I find you taking bribes your feet will touch the ground because I will cut you off at the knees, believe me.

A reader asks, “I have some really old books, but there is no copyright date or publishing date.

Many library catalogs are available for search online, and this might turn up a helpful bibliography.

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Widower Jim Barber, a furniture maker, also has four: Andrew B, Jef, Lily and Sandy (dating seriously with Rusty), plus a dog, Java.

When the two parents, who had been dating for nearly a year, decide rather impulsively to get married on a trip to Las Vegas in a casino's chapel when challenged on stage, without the kids who find out reading the news in the National Interrogator, that results in a chaotically large reconstituted family.

Many reprint publishers did not include dates, either. Some are available online; others will be accessible through your local library.

I have found that university libraries sometimes own bibliographies and other reference materials that city or regional libraries don’t (and vice versa).

That's why I think when you look at somebody who's a cop or military personnel not in uniform, you can just feel it. Justice is often a really interesting story and there are a lot of different stories within the element of right and wrong and where you draw the line and the gray area. And it is, I think in a lot of ways, still the front door to the United States of America for more immigrants than anywhere else that want to visit here or want to be Americans. There is sometimes a negative connotation for NY police officers among New Yorkers, but those people haven't had to police New Yorkers either. And I knew they were detectives just because I know what a detective in a suit looks like after working on this show.

Born in Los Angeles, Will began acting at age 10 in 1988.

Please limit Real Life examples to instances where the officer in question was actually convicted.

I know all the little tricks, all the cafés thatll feed a copper for free, the places to stand out of the wind, the cushy jobs, the pubs where the uniform will get you a buckshee pint; I know the grease on which this city runs and I know the difference.

In general I just like to run around and stay active.

I did a little gymnastics when I was a kid so I'll run around and find a bar and try to do as many pull-ups as I can do. You have to deal with people in a way that no one else does.

(And, if the publisher is still in business, you may even be able to find information on their website regarding their history.) Similarly, some publishers have used different names over the years.