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Shields is also famous for dating pop icon, Michael Jackson.The actress is still together with her secobd husband whom she has two daughters with and she also serves as the spokeswoman for Tupperware’s Chain of Confidence SMART Girls.

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When taking a trip down memory lane to the wicked years of the 80’s, you’ll find out that some of your favorite stars today actually had their big break during the awesome decade where big hair and shoulder pads were totally cool and acceptable.

Let’s get nostalgic with some of your favorite stars and icons from the 80’s.

Jon Voight left his wife, Marcheline Bertrand back in 1977 and it was a move that will never truly be forgiven by Angelina Jolie.

She was just 2-years old when she and her older brother were left in the capable hands of Marcheline while Jon cheated with a costar in a production of Hamlet at the University of California.

Aristotle, in Book II of his "Rhetoric", defines it as being "helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped".

They also argue that, in a relationship, 'real kindness, real fellow-feeling, entails hating and being hated - that is, really feeling available frustrations – and through this coming to a more real relationship.' Masterfully shot all in one take, it shows how one act of kindness passes seamlessly from one person to the next and boomerangs back to the person who set it into motion.

The philosophy of Pay It Forward is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring society. Clair, a social studies teacher in Atascadero, California, challenges his students to "change the world".

One of his students, Trevor, takes the challenge to heart.

He has met her six children but she is not exactly encouraging them to have a real relationship with her estranged father.

It’s ironic that Jon plays a scoundrel-like cheating dad on the new hit show Ray Donovan.

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