Fun questions to ask someone your dating

Are You The Kind Of Friend That You Would Want To Have As A Friend? Honestly, Who Was The Last Person To Tell You That They Love You? [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy] If you’re looking for sexy questions to ask a guy, look no further than this.

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Have You Ever Been Hit By A Girl And A Guy At The Same Party?

Do You Ever Feel As Though Your Partners Are Too Distant?

Well we have em all - all kinds of questions to find out what you need to know from whomever you are asking. The layout of this site is set up so that you only have to go to your category to find what you want.

Some of these are really basic but it sure is handy having them all on one list.

I have offered the fun questions to ask friends to anyone who’s looking for something to talk about. Pick and choose the questions you like, and avoid the questions which might be too intimate or uncomfortable for you.

Fun Questions About Movies to Ask Friends Fun Questions to Ask Friends About Books This one is a little tougher, because a lot of people don’t read books anymore (unfortunately).

But it’s not easy if you’re trying to talk naughty with a guy for the first time.

Talking dirty face to face can be awkward, or one of you may have a hard time holding that burst of laughter inside.

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If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?