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The truth is: You will feel cold but will be just fine healthwise, says Jim Sears, a board-certified pediatrician in San Clemente, California, and a cohost of the daytime-TV show The Doctors.

Even if you don’t meet those requirements, special circumstances might apply, like Vietnam service, exposure to Agent Orange and household income.The best way to find out if you qualify is to submit an application for health benefits. Make sure the ingredients list "100% whole-wheat flour." Breads simply labeled "wheat" are usually made with a mixture of enriched white flour and whole-wheat flour and have less fiber. That said, it's more important to serve whole-wheat bread, with or without the crust, because it's all around higher in nutrients, such as fiber, says New York City nutritionist Keri Glassman, author of The O2 Diet (,'s conclusion: "Feeling cold doesn't affect your immune system." If You Cross Your Eyes, They'll Stay That Way.

The truth is: "There's no harm in voluntary eye crossing," says W.Rumor mills are permanent fixtures in schools, offices and wherever people congregate, and most of the time they’re pretty innocuous.But myths and rumors that deal with health–in this case Veterans health–are a serious matter that can prevent qualified Vets from seeking the care they both need and deserve.Despite the many mentions of the stars in Greek and early Roman texts, by far the most thorough star catalogue from ancient times belongs to the Roman Ptolemy of Alexandria, who grouped 1022 stars into 48 constellations during the 2nd century A. Although Ptolemy's Almagest does not include the constellations which may only be seen from the southern hemisphere, it forms the basis for the modern list of 88 constellations officially designated by the International Astronomical Union .The influence of both the Greek and Roman cultures may be plainly seen; the myths behind the constellations date back to ancient Greece, but we use their Latin names.You can fill one out online or at a VA Medical Center.