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Brenda Wairimu and Juliani are one of the most secretive celebrity couple when it comes to their relationship.However, did you know that their love was a product of social media.resize=599,601&ssl=1" alt="Brenda and Amor" srcset="https://i2com/ resize=599,601&ssl=1 599w,,,," sizes="(max-width: 599px) 100vw, 599px" data-recalc-dims="1" / Brenda revealed that she is the one who slid in Juliani’s DM first.

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Some thought they made a great couple, others thought they were two different people who didn’t have anything in common. Four Kenyans were on Wednesday mercilessly killed and dumped on the road after it emerged that…..

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- A Kenyan lady was on social media recently to ask what a wife can cook for supper that would cost only KSh 50- With the high cost of living, it actually looks impossible but some kenyans however offered their wild answers - They range from hilarious to downright silly but the bottom line is similar- the amount is not enough for supper What can you buy for supper with only KSh 50?

A Kenyan lady took to social media to ask an honest question on what a wife can do after her husband left behind only KSh 50 shillings for supper.

resize=601,600&ssl=1" alt="Brenda and Juliani" srcset="https://i2com/ resize=601,600&ssl=1 601w,,,," sizes="(max-width: 601px) 100vw, 601px" data-recalc-dims="1" / The two are blessed a beautiful baby girl, Amor, who’s face we’ve never seen.

We interviewed Juliani a while back and he went ahead to say they are not ready to show their kid’s face because they prefer keeping her away from the public eye, considering both parents are public figures.You can buy sukuma (kales) at KSh 20 nyanya (tomatoes) at KSh 10 kitunguu (onion) at KSh 5 bob avocado for KSh 10 and royco cubes worth KSh 5 bob. READ ALSO: 9-year-old girl shows off her muscles and 6 packs on social media (photos) Milka Akinyi added, "Unga nusu 25, sukuma ya 10, mafuta 10, nyanya 10 na kitungu na chumvi naomba kwa neighbour."Others Said: Fantacil Baibzy: Viazi chemsha..kwanza nazichemsha bila kutoa ngozi Mary Mwangi: Ni kukosa ama ni madharau?Kama kaunga kako pika kaugali na sukuma bila nyanya Angie Angela Sandagi: unabuy kredo unaingia dating site akona ujinga. if ni madharau nunua matoke uchemshe umuekee hapo Keziah Muhia: Ni heri wewe unaachiwa 50bob mimi hata sumuni na lazima watoi na yeye akule Rebecca Kemmy: Githeri ya 30 Bob na maziwa ya 20bob Malkia Okomba: Mutura ya 30 n kachumbari ya 20Martha Wanjiku: 50bob inaweza buy nini nowadays"nitabuy madazi I eat before he comes back "then akidai supper nimpelekee sahani empty na spoon,"Alicia Joy: unga ya twenty,omena ya twenty ,mafuta ya five kitunguu ya five ni kuonja tu bora hatujarara njaa til death do us apart Millicent Anyongo: u should appreciate..there are some families that go without eating anything...u can buy githeri n besides u wont die coz u av missed a meal Dee Dish: Nitatembea hadi kiamaiko nibuy nyama ya 50 and boil it dry fry God bless him to get more .kuliko saitan mwenye aachi dururu a natoka tu wala haoingei.First, DJ Mo was her firm connection in keeping her gospel music career running – with all the influence he has in the industry.With this, her music was put on rotation and she was not short of media interviews.That was before the two became the subject of social media conversation last weekend after DJ Mo posted a video of her and their baby Ladasha with the caption However someone commented that Size 8 had applied too much make up rubbing DJ Mo the wrong way.