Rob and katy perry dating

So, of course, that’s left Kristen feeling like the side piece in the relationship.

She feels unloved and worthless, and she’s debating whether to break it off completely, but you know what they say – old habits die hard. Will Kristen and Rob ever manage to cut ties completely, and should Kristen continue seeing Rob even if he won’t date her?

Reports are suggesting that while Rob was at Coachella, he grew close to Katy Perry's best friend and stylist Cleo Wade.

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For example, Rob supposedly WANTS to date Katy, but she’s not interesting in going out with him – just hooking up with him.In contrast, Kristen desperately wants to get back together with Rob, but he’s not interesting in dating her again.job because he was obsessed with Kristen, which he’s more or less admitted in interviews.But since Kristen was in a relationship with another dude at the time, there was a whole bunch of complicated drama involving Rob, Kristen, and Kristen’s ex-BF.He kept kissing her the entire night.” Meanwhile, Page Six similarly claimed that Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry spent the Yet this directly contradicts what a (presumably different) source told Hollywood Life.

That website claimed Robert Pattinson ignored Katy Perry at the after-party, much to the “Roar” singer’s chagrin.

In the end, Twilight fan fiction won out, and Robsten was born.

Since then, Rob and Kristen have been on a roller coaster ride of a relationship, with breakups, reunions, and affairs, in addition to tabloid speculation and fan frenzy thrown into the mix.

They reportedly took in several music performances together. Perry and Pattinson are just friends, but the “Are they or aren’t they? With both of these talented and good-looking celebs suddenly single, you can’t help but wonder if support and friendship has turned romantic.

Perry has said that they fart in front of each other, which makes us think that they are SO comfortable with other already that there would be no romantic awkwardness when crossing the line. They’d be SUCH a cute duo, and we can call them “Perrinson.” Rumors had spun that Stewart had hoped to meet up with her ex at the event to help celebrate her bday — she turned 24 on April 9.

The last we heard from them was that they were still on speaking terms and they may or may not be hooking up. Well, our sources tell us that Rob is indeed playing the field, and is ‘dating’ both Kristen and Katy.