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As things unfold, hot guys start to throw themselves at Marshall and his finds himself embracing the party boy life-style for awhile.But he gets a wake-up call when the man he really wants is about to walk out of his life.

Gabe's boyfriend, Marshall, is almost 30 and not quite content in their relationship. ), e Cupid boasts a sharp script, attractive cast, and an extended cameo from Hollywood legend Morgan Fairchild.But if you focus on the opportunities lighting up your computer screen, could you be missing the chance for someone right in front of you to light up your heart?That's the question posed by the new romantic comedy , starring MU graduate and Columbia native Noah Schuffman.As his 30th birthday nears, Marshall becomes hell-bent on changing his life when he comes across a mysterious dating app called e Cupid.

His world is quickly turned upside down by an onslaught of sexy guys.The rabbit warren that is Tinder challenges straightforward human tenderness.Forget that moment of looking deeply into someone’s eyes – attention spans are hijacked by Whats App.It’s all too easy to ‘heart’ something on social media, but what about what used to be called Lonely Hearts?As Tina Turner warbled so plaintively (and memorably): 'What’s love got to do with it?It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.