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yeah f6 is best but in you line how does black meet Rc3 with the threat of a double sac on f6.

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The peak of the english player was in 1988-1990, when at times he was among the 5th playes in the world (there are minor divergences between FIDE and Sonas's systems).

In fact, this match has been till now Short's major success.

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Moves that capture an enemy piece, check the king, or, to a lesser degree, threaten such captures and checks, provide the dynamic element to a sequence."I really enjoyed this book and felt that it had an impact on my game (other books that I felt improved my game were "Chess Traps, Pitfalls and Swindles" by Horowitz and Reinfeld, and "My System" by Nimzovich).

Highly recommended.: goldenbear, e4 is correct and white probably has the advantage although it is not clear that he is winning--- he has a positional advantage but material is even.

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