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If there are ways you can determine who exactly is making the comments, also document that.

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Take a bow citizens of the United States and Australia, you win the award for the biggest gambling losers in the world.

Not to be underplayed is Sin City's penetration and impact of the World Wide Cable and Satellite market.

Through a powerful network of cable and satellite purveyors, Sin City Entertainment has gone - literally - GLOBAL.

H2G released specific data showing where the gambling losses came from.

In the United States, the majority of the revenue was generated in brick-and-mortar casinos.

The chart released by the company included the 15 biggest losers in overall losses and average gambling losses.

China, the world’s largest country (1.35 billion), was 2 behind the United States (.4 billion).Studio Email Alerts Email alerts are a great way to keep up with your favorite categories, studios or stars.We send a weekly mailer only when new movies are added to items you subscribe to.The US, a country of 319 million people, contributed 6.9 billion in gambling losses in 2016, more than anywhere else in the world.The average American adult lost more than 0 on gambling over the previous year. Australia, a much smaller nation (23 million), lost .3 billion.Since then, Vegas’ premier box lacrosse event has enjoyed a venue change, a healthy 333% boost in teams in attendance, and a qualitative boost in the quality of team it attracts. So when tournament organizer/good buddy Nick Peterson told me what was in store for this year’s event, I took the time off and booked a flight as soon as possible…