Validating certificate

Find the students number on the list to verify the training was completed.

Students who have completed training through an OSHAcademy Authorized Training Provider (ATP) can also validate their training.

The formal approval successfully brought to a close more than two years of effort, and provided the infrastructure for trusted Web site identity on the Internet.

Please note that this validation process does not apply to UCC filings or searches that have been generated by the Delaware Division of Corporations and can only be utilized for certificates issued on Delaware business entities.Students and employers can validate a program or course certificate using our website. Best of all, by validating a certificate, you will know the certificate is valid and was issued by OSHAcademy.To verify an Intertek certificate, please fill out the following form.To expedite your request be sure to enter the company name AND/OR certificate number.An Extended Validation Certificate (EV) is a certificate used for HTTPS websites and software that proves the legal entity controlling the website or software package.

Obtaining an EV certificate requires verification of the requesting entity's identity by a certificate authority (CA).Verification details are listed beneath each signature and can be viewed by expanding the signature. This feature analyzes the document for content that may alter the appearance of the document.It then suppresses that content, allowing you to view and sign the document in a static and secure state.The certification path validation algorithm is the algorithm which verifies that a given certificate path is valid under a given public key infrastructure (PKI).A path starts with the Subject certificate and proceeds through a number of intermediate certificates up to a trusted root certificate, typically issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA).You can only validate a certificate for 1 year of the date that it was issued.