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We had so many requests to order the tiles, we have started shipping them. The antique mirror backsplash below was completed using 6 different pattterns with 3 of the patterns making up the majority of the mirror.

If you are interested in samples we would be happy to ship them and we won’t even charge you for shipping. I am excited to have some updated photos to share with you.

This mirror makes the porch of a Florida home by designers Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt feel more like an actual room. "At night it reflects the candlelight so beautifully," Coleman says. The mantel shelf of designer Annie Brahler's Jacksonville, Illinois house, holds one of the her "extreme juxtapositions": a massive empty picture frame, propped against the mirror, alongside antlers her children collected on hikes.

In the process, three of the team were struck down by diarrhoea and vomiting, slowing down the whole expedition.

Once they had scoped out a potential route on the unclimbed north west face, the team set up a hanging port-a-ledge camp (the Bedouin Camp) on the wall and started the serious climbing.

Designer Carrie Hayden took the homeowners' bedroom dressers and connected them with a mirrored vanity table for a glamorous bathroom update.

"It's more Old World than Old Hollywood," she says.

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After bad weather severely hampered communications for several days, Leo Houlding has just managed to send out a series of emails and text messages from Greenland, providing updates of his expedition to the Mirror Wall.

Any more bad weather could also obstruct their efforts.