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Then I Googled the reasons Destin and Rachel left the show.

They wanted to be able to help people at all points in their life and in all areas.Whether it's helping struggling college students get over an ex, or helping a struggling entrepreneur find love, they want to be able to serve everyone that they can.They possibly wanted more money from Bravo or larger roles in the company/show, and apparently did not get what they were looking for. Please show your support via twitter and Facebook and any social networking – we love hearing from you ! Again, I’m literally one second into the show as I’m writing.So sweet: Millionaire Matchmakers stars Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff married at Millesime at The Carlton Hotel n New York.In the first SECOND of the premiere, Patti says her old “assistants” left and now she has new staff.

I literally paused the DVR 1 SECOND into the show to write this and formally say I don’t like these changes."We miss her and we want our family back," Destin declares. "I have a big fat this (as she holds up her censored middle finger)." "What do you think we're just going to hug it out ... This doesn't sit well with Patti, who clearly is still holding a grudge. "It took a moment," Rachel said of staging the ambush to reunite with her after she didn't respond to their initial calls."She definitely was very hurt by us leaving, which is understandable.We were a family, so yeah, it was difficult and there was drama and there was spitting fire back and forth on all parties.