Brandi glanville dating history

They met on Tinder, and though she's dated casually here and there, this marks Glanville's first real relationship following her divorce from Eddie Cibrian in 2010.

Rinna took a goblet, raised her arm dramatically in Kim and Brandi’s direction, and smashed the glass violently onto the table.

The two actresses barely had time to avoid the projectiles and were covered in glass shards.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills violent attack by Lisa Rinna on Kim Richards, stopped by Brandi Glanville, seems to have exposed Lisa’s secret eating disorder!

Bravo previews of RHOBH featured “Days of Our Lives” actress Lisa Rinna physically attack actress Kim Richards. Fans are in shock when what appeared to be a routine dinner party erupted into an assualt.

Of the original housewives, Grammer left after the second season, Armstrong and Maloof left after the third, and Kim Richards left after the fifth.

The remaining housewives joined in later seasons: Rinna in the fifth, Girardi in the sixth, and Kemsley in the seventh.Rinna lashed out in violence, reaching for Kim’s neck before Brandi Glanville just barely pulled a seated Kim out of Rinna’s reach.Before Brandi Glanville could react and lead Kim Richards away from the table to safety, Lisa Rinna hurled a beverage at Kim’s face but didn’t stop there.Friese wears a dark suit and smirks while snapping the mirror selfie."Missing my V date mr @djfriese," she wrote.Meanwhile, the couple made their red carpet debut earlier this month, making things official after dating for five months.The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (abbreviated RHOBH) is an American reality television series that premiered on October 14, 2010, on Bravo.