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It was gorgeous - and better yet, we didn't know anyone else who had been married there!

The Otago University Rowing Club was also a recommendation after my brother-in-law attended a wedding there.

Voting closes 5pm Friday 12 August ONE vote per person - multiple votes will be deleted Kelly Lawton, nee Mustoe (32) early childhood teacher and Nathan Lawton (44) retail assistant - Dunedin When and Where did you meet? We spent almost a year chatting before finally meeting up for a coffee (after a few cancelled dates due to my freak outs!! A month or so after this we were officially dating and the rest is history.

Not even the Galapagos Islands can boast this range of biodiversity in such a small area.

The most famous birds in the area though are the threatened Northern Royal Albatross and the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguins.

The Otago Peninsula is a long convoluted ridge of land with numerous and glorious hidden beaches and estuaries providing an excellent refuge for New Zealand wildlife.

The world’s only mainland breeding colony for the Royal Albatross is located at the tip of the Otago Peninsula.

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Hey guys I think my profile picture says it all - you can see what I look like and what I enjoy doing.You can also likely to see penguins, seals and sea lions.Central Otago is the dry heart of the South Island.Within a 1 hour drive from the centre of town you can see these rare species.If wildlife is not your thing then you could take a trip to the historic Larnach Castle.Oamaru and Dunedin are both well preserved Victorian sea port towns.