Funny internet dating poems

Couples also joke around and do some funny fights and this specific act increase their love between them and for these specific situations there are some quotes available which named as funny love quotes.

From that day on, I locked my eyes and my thoughts with you, And hey look, today you have my heart too. One promise to you I make, My word, dear one, you can take.

That I will stand by you through bad and worse, I will be to you, your most dependable resource.

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The days lays me bare with no where to hide, this raw pain that I feel inside, You are no longer of this world, you inhabit a place of no return, no matter the tears or how much I yearn.

All I have left is your memories, cherish it I will do, but I would give everything I have for one more day with you.

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I feel happy that I am alive, And then I long to have to by my side. You and I met each other for the first time one fine day, And something magical clicked in the most wonderful way.