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(I also love the split-second appearance of an orange at the end.)Although they might seem disposable, these off-kilter moments lend depth to Nathan.If the premise of the character were merely that he’s an awkward guy who shouldn’t be on TV, Nathan For You would be monotonous, like an extended Saturday Night Live sketch. He’s a fleshed-out character who sees the world through a strange, unpredictable lens, and when Fielder has a spare second or two to show us the view through that lens, he doesn’t waste the opportunity.

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She has deep psychological issues for sure, but will never go for help, since she says "it's everyone else, not her that has the problem". In addition, she is extremely paranoid, thinking that everyone is scheming against her or talking about her. This will actually help calm you on the inside and replace that anger and hurt with more love and happiness. Im also wondering if your mum suffers from bipolar cause she has all the symptoms of this mental disease. I always knew my kids deserve to be happy but after reading it from some one else I relize Im not doing enough to make them happy (shame on me). As far as I can see know body loves my kids as much as me so Im gonna have to do a lot more!! Hi there - Wow, reading your history reminds me of mine! always making my dad and I feel like ****...she's 72... I'm also my mother's only child but I have two step-brothers from her second marriage that I grew up with and we're still very close.

(That's probably because that is what SHE does! I am non-confrontational and that is probably why things affect me so stressfully. If I was you I would not see a councellor as all you will be doing is going over everything and reliving it and you need to get past it and move forward for good. I, too, have a really nasty mother, and have never been able to understand why she is the way she is. So my mom has gone through two bad marriages and a relationship where she got her and guess who her punching bag is..... She claims to be a Christian and spends all of her time either at work, or at church. One thing he did was not tolerate my mom's nastiness towards him and disrespected her by calling her out of her name plenty of times to her face.

Nathan begins one of tonight’s segments by peeking out from behind a tree and letting out a tiny yelp.

Fielder, the comedian, often gives Nathan, the character, odd bits of physical business when he’s opening a segment—filigrees of awkwardness that sometimes have something to do with the topic at hand but are just as likely to be non-sequiturs.

) I used to hold this inside and cry because no matter what I've gotten treated nasty. How dare she treat me nasty and disrespectfully, even in front of my kids. I think back on so many instances throughout my life, things she's done to me, said to me, said about me, or how she's treated me, or has never been there for me. We remind her of her past with a violent, miserable husband and she has been taking it out on us throughout our lives. Have no guilt for cutting her free and only let her back in your life once she has been through the right chanells ( proffessional people) and is on medication and that she is looking to make amends with you and not the latter. In my case, her distaste of me is because I'm the only girl; she talks highly of her "precious boys". But she's the first to call someone a B_ _ _ H if they don't do something she wants them to do. She'll go as far as calling children bad names. But she's had a problem with everyone I've been with.

I can be quiet and say not a word and I still get poison from her. There is no use for me to continue a relationship with her. Thank god you put a stop to this behavour and know your kids and there kids etc can have the life they deserve thanks to you!!! It also appears to be jealousy, and she has made my life miserable because of it. She's the most miserable, nasty, bitter person I know. She's been the cause of a couple of break-ups but its my fault, I allowed it. I found a wonderful man and realized that God answers prayer. So she calls me on my cell phone to avoid talking to him if he answers the house phone.My mother is nasty, bitter, hateful, argumentive, unsupportive and the meanest person I know. OK she made a mistake....why did she have me and my sister? I've gotten to the point where I do not want her poison in my life. Even harder to understand how she can be this way once you bring your own lil angels in the world.She's always been this way, but it's getting worse as she gets older (now 68). She lies and when you call her on it, she denies it. My brother hasn't had anything to do with her in the last several years. Throughout my life, I always knew "To be different, and not like her". I love my children more than anything on this earth and would never think of treating them the way she's treated us. Im betting you feel a lil better after getting it of your chest.In a segment a couple weeks ago, for instance, Nathan kicks off an interview with the owner of a maid service by shaking hands and then noting he likes to greet people with a weak handshake to establish that he’s not a threat.Even back when he was doing brief “Nathan On Your Side” segments on the Canadian show This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Fielder would pepper in these peculiarities., is wandering the floor of the Dallas Fort Worth Auto Show promoting a movie that might never get made. His aw-shucks smile appears whenever a stranger inevitably gushes, “You look great! And he keeps the business cards that feature before-and-after photos at the ready. They don’t blow up my phone,” says Lester, who once tipped the scales at 508 pounds. Maybe it’s the plastic surgery, but he looks young for 43 years old.