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Having extensive experience of working with international financial institutions such as the EBRD and IFC, Gerard is specializing in mergers and acquisitions, finance for expansion, due diligence, valuations, and forensic investigations.

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The Ministry’s website also provides a mechanism to ask further questions online.

In this blog post, we summarize the main issues raised in the published clarifications, and the possible impact on global businesses seeking to comply with the law.

Countries forming HLB Eurasia include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Russia.

Before joining Gerard had worked in corporate finance at executive board level for the leading international auditing companies.

Applicability of the law Under standard Russian jurisdictional rules, laws apply only within the territory of Russia.

The clarifications, therefore, state that as a general rule the Data Localization Law should not apply to non-residents of Russia, including foreign businesses.

Appointments can be made although students are encouraged to drop-in.

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As we reported last week, on 3 August 2015 the Russian Ministry of Communications, the agency that oversees the Russian data protection authority which will be enforcing Russia’s Data Localization Law, published unofficial clarifications on its website that provide a view into how the Ministry believes organizations must comply with the law.

While these clarifications are non-binding, they constitute the only written regulatory guidance that has been published to date about the law, which takes effect on 1 September and requires organizations that collect personal data from individuals located in Russia to store that data within Russian territory.

HLB Eurasia, a new association of independent and well-established member firms of HLB International in Eurasian countries, is pleased to announce that Gerard Uijtendaal has been appointed as Regional Leader.